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Richard "Harpo" Jacquez

July 8th, 1975 - August 17th, 2015

A beloved son, father and grandfather

40 Years Old



Harpo (Richard Jacquez) was a loving father, brand new grandfather, family member, friend and community member. He has a smile you could never forget. With his funny jokes and helping hands, he always loved to make people happy. He had a college degree and was looking forward to continuing his education. Those who knew him best described him as having good vibes and positivity. He loved to have a good time and loved sports. His favorite teams were the SJ Sharks, SF 49ers and the SF Giants.

His 40th birthday was celebrated at a Giants game, but we had
no idea that would be his last birthday with us.


On August 17 2015, just 2 days before his Granddaughters 1st birthday, his life was taken from us. Officer Jacob Morris, part of the SJ MERGE unit (now promoted to Lieutenant), decided to take Harpo’s life into his own hands. Harpo did not know who was in the unmarked car that followed him to his Aunt's house. The officer struck Harpo at approximately 25 MPH with his undercover car and made Harpo fly in the air; he lost one shoe and his glasses from the impact. He tried his best to get back up and knock on his Aunt’s door. Just when he was facing the front door to his Aunt's house, the officer shot him in the back. He was shot once in his ribs (as he turned around from the first gunshot), then 3 more times to the front of his body; he then collapsed to the ground. As Harpo was laying at his Aunt's doorsteps, the officer just stood over him with his gun still drawn, Harpo then said “Oh God, Oh God.” Those were his last known words.


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