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Take Action to Support AB 3021

Here's how you can support passing AB 3021 following these 3 simple steps to send a letter to your California Assemblymembers:

Step 1: Open the sample draft letter at this link 

Step 2: Copy and paste the draft letter into a new doc and substitute the bold parts with your own information and message.

Step 3: Save your new letter as a .docx or .pdf file and upload to the portal:

Find your representative here by inputting your address**

**For a guide on how to upload your letter to the portal please watch this explainer video below**

You can also make a call to your Assemblymember!

Step 1: Call the number (Find 
your representative here)
Step 2: Ask to speak to the Public Safety staffer

Step 3: Express your support for the bill! Here is an outline of what you could say:

  • Say your name and what city/group you are calling from 

  • You're calling in support of AB 3021, sponsored by Assemblymember Ash Kalra that is heading to the floor this week. AB 3021 protects grieving families from coercive police interrogations by requiring law enforcement to read families of loved ones injured or killed by police their rights before any interview.

  • Say the bill came directly from the experiences of families who lost loved ones at the hands of police.

  • Ask where the Assemblymember stands on the bill and can we count on their support? 

  • Thank you!

Take Action to Support AB 3021

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